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McINTOSH C-11 Classic Tube Pre-Amplifier- As most reading this already know the Mac C-11 is One of the very best Original Tube Preamps available, highly rated in its day. The C-11 is sonically the same as the McIntosh C-22 preamplifier, which is highly sought after for its exquisite musicality.

ELECTRICAL: Response 20-20kHz (+0.5 -0.5dB). Distortion 0.2%. Noise and hum -85dB high level, 2uV phono. Output rated 2.5V. 0.25V at tape out. Input sensitivity and impedance: high level 0.25V at 250k, phono 2mV at 47k, tape head 2mV at 1meg, mic 2.5mV at 1meg. Tone controls: bass +20 -20dB, treble +18 -18dB. Rumble filter 50Hz at 18dB/octave. HF filter 5kHz at 18dB/octave. Voltage gain 20dB aux, 60dB phono.

FRONT PANEL: Glass panel at top. Anodized gold at bottom. Illuminated. Input selector: aux, tape, tuner 1, tuner 2, phono 1, phono 2, mic, tape hd. Mode selector: L to L+R, R to L+R, stereo rev, stereo, mono (L+R), L+R to L and L+R to R. Bass controls: left and right. Treble controls: left and right. Volume. Balance. Rocker switches: compensation: RIAA or LP, tape: normal or monitor, phase: normal or reverse, power: on or off, rumble: flat or filter, HF: flat or filter, loudness: normal or compensated. Left and right output level controls behind left and right end caps.

BACK PANEL: Outputs: l+r, main, tape. High level inputs: tape monitor, aux, tape, tuner 1, tuner 2. Low level inputs: phono 1, phono 2, mic, tape head. Tape equalization controls: left and right. Ground binding post. Screw terminals: left speaker in and out for phase switch. Panel light switch: dim or bright. AC outlets: 4 switched, 1 unswitched. Fuse.

TUBES: 6-12AX7. Solid state rectifier.

Size 5-1/8"H, 15-3/4"W and 12"D behind panel. Weight 15 lb. Sold from 1961-1963.

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