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Here are the specifications from the original Handbook of Instructions:

Microphone input to main input:  61.5 ± 1.0dB

Phono input to main output:         63.5 ± 1.0dB

Tape-Head input to main input:    63.5 ± 1.0dB

Phono input to recording output:  42.0 ±  0.2dB

High level input to main output:   21.5 ± 0.8dB

Frequency Response:      ±0.5dB, 20 to 20,000 Hz

IM Distortion:     0.15% at 10 volts rms equivalent peak output

Total Harmonic Distortion:  1 volt @ 2kHz  non-measurable

5 volts @ 2kHz  0.02%

10 volts @ 2kHz  0.03%

Dynamic Range (phono input to recording output at 1 kHz and at rated distortion): 100dB, typical

Total Noise:         .1 micro volt equivalent input

Input Impedance:   Phono 1 and Phono 2:   47K ohms

Microphone and Tape-Head:  approximately 450K

High level:  approximately 200K

Power requirements:   105 to 130 volts, rms

50 to 60 Hz

9 watts

Dimensions:      Panel Width:   15 3/8 inches

Panel Height:   5 3/4 inches

Depth behind panel: 8 inches

Clearance for panel and knobs:  7/8 inch

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