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The Connoisseur Motor is made for the perfectionist. It is one of the finest turntables in the world.

The speed change is arranged mechanically and gives a 4 per cent variation on all speeds. A synchronous motor, which is virtually vibrationsless with low noise level and hum induction, maintains a constant speed at all settings. There is no braking action to obtain speed change.

The 12in. turntable is lathe turned is non ferrous metal. The main spindle, which is precision ground and lapped to mirror finish, runs in phosphor bronze bearings.

A sound, precision engineering job, the Connoisseur motor provides the foundation for perfect reproduction.

"The Connoisseur three-speed turntable, British-made and imported by Ercona Corporation, is an example of craftsmanship and electrical and mechanical design that may well attract interest.

This turntable is mounted on a cast aluminium plate, and features a hysteresis-synchronous motor, a variable-speed feature, a mechanical brake coupled to the on-off switch, and a cast and turned aluminium platter which is fitted to a heavy shaft. Because of the separation of the speed-change and on-off controls, the Connoisseur eliminates the possibility of being started in a wrong speed by mistake, which would be a definite advantage in professional or broadcast studio operation. The speed control turret is located at the left rear of the mounting plate and consists of a lever which moves the idler up and down in steps for the three speeds and a fluted knob which serves as a vernier to provide a speed change of approximately ± 4 per cent around the three standard speeds.

The off-on control is located at the front of the mounting plate and to turn the unit on performs three separate operations it releases the brake, moves the idler into contact with the inside of the turntable rim, and turns on the a.c. switch. Turning the unit off reverses the operations. The mechanical brake consists of a cork p a d which is lifted by the starting lever to contact the lower edge of the turntable rim.

The hysteresis motor has a tapered and stepped shaft to provide for the speed variation, and is attached with very soft rubber vibration mounts. The idler has needle bearings, a n d is also isolated with soft rubber mountings. Mechanically the unit is well built and should be capable of long and trouble-free life.

In the performance department, the Connoisseur shows a noise and rumble 48 db below full modulation, measured as previously described in these columns and in a practical installation. By way of comparison, measurements by the same means have indicated a signal-to-noise ratio of only 51db in the quietest turntable we have measured. With the vernier speed control set for exactly 33 % rpm a t the L P position, the lever was moved to the 45-rpm position and then to the 78-rpm position, cheeking the stroboscope a small one is furnished with the turntable) at each speed in order to check the accuracy of the three positions.

It was found that there was a variation of less than 1 per cent from exact speeds in each of the other positions.

Normally intended for use with the Connoisseur arm and pickup, the base plate is already drilled."

Audio February 1957

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