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STEREO preamp for phono and line for Klangfilm Eurodyn racks.
This preamp (based on the 6SELA2154f) has always been my reverence preamp with Klangfilm power amps. Having a built-in power supply it does not need an external supply or supply by a power amp (anyway never a good solution). It is pretty easy to handle and very versatile. I have never seen another stereo preamp for Eurodyn racks with RIAA equalization!
All parts used are from Siemens / Klangfilm (amps), except the output capacitors which are paper in oil types from Rohde & Schwarz.
Tubes / circuit design (per channel):
- EF86 (connected as triode) RIAA amplifier
- ECC83 section#1: line preamp
- ECC83 section#2: catode follower output stage = very low output impedance

(uncritical to any cable)

- All tubes tested and matched from vintage West German production

- ECC83s from Siemens production in Munich with double getter support
Controls from left to right: (the original cable tree is still used!)
- left volume - right volume (double mono volume control!) - balance (works almost as switch) - input selector (off-phono-line) - power light - on/off switch
- Moving Coil MC cartridge input famous Siemens Haufe T41 input transf.
- Phono MM input possible (just bridge the input transformers)
- all original 2154 plates included (also the very rare botton plate)
- gold plated RCA input and output jacks
- professionel symmetrical use with balanced input (XLR) possible (cut 3 jumpers)
- amps work with 110, 117, 230V lines voltage
- fits Klangfilm Eurodyn racks or as stand alone unit

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